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What's it all about?

Primarily a digital artist with a love for clean vector lines and block colours, I use photographs that I've taken to compose and create my artwork.

I’m influenced a lot by what I’ve seen on my travels as well as the landscapes around me. I've been fortunate to travel widely, always armed with a notebook and camera. Seeing bold coloured street art in Chile, and detailed wood block prints in Japan have all fuelled my inspiration and formation of my own artistic style. Visual arts, manga comics and time spent at the beach are some of the things that I find inspiring. I like to include popular culture and architectural references in my work as well as the odd dog.

I love to surf, and enjoy the outdoors lifestyle that coastal living allows – the perfect antidote to spending hours being creative in front of my computer!

Over the years I have lived in various parts of Poole and Bournemouth and spent a few, fun years in Southsea, Portsmouth. This has led me to focussing much of my artistic attention on these locations. I always have something creative bubbling away and look forward to sharing my next piece with you sometime soon…

My artwork is available from host of local galleries and outlets and well as from the shop here – View artwork >>

As well as creating my own work I’m also a collector of contemporary urban art and deal in works by some of my favourite artists. If you are into street or urban art, then please check out my other website